Shopaholics are you ready??

I am sooooo excited to see this movie and hoping that Mr. SS will be a sweet Valentine and go with me tomorrow.

This series of books was a favorite of mine and wish there was a new one. While reading of Becky's funny shopping adventures I would think to myself great idea.

ie: Having a credit card hidden in a secret place that is hard to access but you know its there if you really need it. If my memory is correct she had it hidden in a makeup compact so it was always close but she had to break it open to have access. Makes you probably really think about that purchase is it a want or a need.

Anyway have a great weekend and can't wait to see if anyone goes to see the movie and what their thoughts.


Miss E said...

Yes, I'm SO ready! I've read all of the books and am so excited to see the movie!

Sarah said...

Ohh I can't wait to see that this weekend.... hopefully my Valentine will swallow his manhood for just a couple of hours...

Sara♥ said...

The books were amazing!! I'm so excited to go see this movie!

Hollie said...

i wanna see that movie too! the dress in that pic just kills me! so funny.

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