Are you the exception or the rule?

So I didn't watch the Grammy's last night instead I went with a girlfriend two see "He's just not that into you." Wish I would have watched the Grammy's instead. Two married ladies sitting in the theater watching this movie and the whole time I wanted to cringe. How these women act or I should say obsess over their interactions with men. One of my best friends does this crap all the time and I'm always saying stop it if he likes you he will call until then stop OBSESSING over every detail. I try to be a good friend but these conversations can go on for hours on the phone. In the end she does what she thinks is right just like Gennifer Goodwin's character. Dating Mr. SS was just very natural if I wanted to call him I did no questions asked. Granted that was over 5 years ago so now that I'm older maybe we get a little more desperate.

Click here to see Top 10 Chick Flick Cliches not found in the movie..Which one is your favorite?

Maybe all women should just ask themselves the question:
" are you the exception.... or the rule?
So tell me when you started dating your hubby or boyfriend which were you?
I was the exception I guess like I mentioned everything was natural. We both liked each other so we didn't play games. Our dating was a amazing experience. Letters waiting for me on my apt. doorstep, flowers, cooking dinner together, walks every evening after work. Just the way I would have written my love story. To all the ladies who haven't been the exception it will come and when it does you will know immediately I promise.
Looking back I had a lot of being the rule, but I guess I always knew it at the time and was just going along with the flow having fun.

More to come on Grammy Fashion later this evening.

If I haven't professed my love of John Mayer I will now. His songs make me weak in the knees and when he has his hair short he is very handsome as well. Last night he seemed a little off.
1. What are you wearing? Where is Jen to assist with your fashion choices....

2. Why are you being strange when asked a question?

"Ninety-nine percent of my life is still completely common. I do have a golden helicopter. I fly it to Malibu. But other than that, I consider myself like everyone else."
~John Mayer, talking with Ryan Seacrest on how he relates to "regular people"

(quote & photo courtesy of People.com)


Globetrottingbride said...

I'm going to see this tonight!!! Can't wait!

Ari said...

I LOVE John Mayer. He's my favorite male artist. His music is amazing.

LyndsAU said...

glad you are playing :) it's fun :)

Your letter is "M" :)

Milltini said...

I think everyone of has been the "rule" and the "exception" at one time or another. I know that, until I found the one with whom it came naturally, I was going crazy with the classic guy b.s. that every date I went on seemed to throw my way. Men in NYC are EXCEPTIONAL game players and dating here isn't like dating anywhere else in the world, it really is a battlefield out there.

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