Top 2 Tuesday.......things you can't live without

I am doing this the light hearted way  (like Taylor) I guess basically 2 things I would not like to live without is more like it!
1. I can't start my day without a cup of coffee. It must be good flavored coffee, or as my husband calls it "girlie coffee."

2. Hand cream with a baby I'm constantly washing & and sanitizing my hands. The past couple months this has been my new friend. I can't stand having dry hands.

A Few Favorite Things

With spring on her way (fingers crossed) I thought I would share a couple of my favorite things right now.

Keeping my feet dry from the rain I mean snow.

True sign of spring

Loving so many pieces from LEC. So happy all my baby weight is gone.

Keeps my dark circles under my eyes hidden. Love this miracle hero.

Amazing! Having color on my lips and still being able to kiss on my little ones chubby cheeks without leaving my kisses.

Middle of the night diaper changes so much easier. Anyone know a brand that makes gowns beyond 3 month size?

 It's nice to have something cute thrown over your shoulder.

Moby wrap. The only way I get anything done.


The Undomestic Momma Giveaway

 You must head over to The Undomestic Momma and enter in her Giveaway Wednesday. The Z. Daisy products are too cute.
I'm actually ordering a couple items today for baby presents and a little present for Baby SS.


Going Private that's the big ?

Should I go Private? I'm not sure if I really have any readers since I took a break.

So this is the big question I have been struggling with since having my baby. I'm very vague on my postings when it comes to my life. Many bloggers put it all out there for everyone to read and I am envious of your bravery. Staying fairly anonymous (no pictures or names) on my blog keeps me protected. Now that I have entered Mommyhood I want to be in the "club" more being able to share pictures, ideas, ask questions I have without all the negativity it may bring.

So maybe if I went private and could limit who could read and see I could open up more....

After reading MM last post as well as BEB's post it  (wish I did) makes me realize there are a lot of rude, insensitive people reading others blogs. Not sure why others feel the right or need to be negative, place judgement or try to bring others down.  I don't know either of these bloggers in real life, but they are such genuine and honest ladies.

  I have always tried to live by the words "Treat others like you would like to be treated." Yes, I catch myself being snotty sometimes and have to do a self check and ask myself why am I having ill feelings toward this person?

Private maybe the answer for me.


As a new mommy I want to do everything I possibly can to keep my little one healthy, happy, and safe.
The dreaded vaccinations....I'm pro-vaccine all the way and can't understand why a parent wouldn't vaccinate their children, but that's a different post for another day.This is my opinion on wanting to vaccinate my baby and I know many others are against them. Please don't judge me and I won't judge you for not vaccinating.

Jenny McCarthy has changed her mind on the MMR vaccine that she claimed gave her son Evan autism. Thanks to the Baby 411 blog for posting this information. I like Jenny McCarthy and even read her first book when I was pregnant.  But so many celebritites make claims about one thing or another and it just bothers me. Many times these individuals are lucky if they graduated high school.

I think it is important for anyone to be careful in the claims they make against medicine. People usually don't realize these medicines go through years of studies before making it to market. Yes, I have a lot of insight on medicine from my career so I feel comfortable making this statement.

As with anything in raising your babies all parents want the same goal to have healthy children.

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