Lesson Learned

Nothing is more frustrating than having someone talk to you about a topic you know nothing about. This happened to me this weekend, my car had to go to the dealership to have some routine maintenance done or so I thought. When I get the phone call that my usual oil change, tire rotation and winterizing is not enough I freeze Mr. SS usually deals with the cars. The man proceeds to tell me my struts need replaced (who knew I had these), a valve is loose and needs to be repaired, and something is leaking. All I hear is blah blah blah....After being very patient and hearing him out I say please just do the routine items and I will talk with my husband (who is out of town and this is why I have to deal with this mess, but that is beside the point) be there to pick up my car.

In the mean time I call a friend of a friend who is a mechanic and recite the whole conversation to him. He puts all my worries to rest and tells me to ask some specific question with my trusty notebook in hand I call the dealership. Wouldn't you know it the man tells me I should come in so he can "show" me what he is talking about rather than tell me over the phone. Like I know what I'm going to be looking at anyway.
Lesson learned once I arrived at the dealership and proceeded to ask all the questions I had written down I walked away with my routine items only. I understand the economy is tough and everyone needs to make money but should you take advantage of people for your benefit.


First Time

I am a new to the blogging world. Many friends have blogs that I have enjoyed reading over the past few months so I decided to give it a try. Starting this process and not even knowing if I will even have much to write about. Choosing a name of my blog was not too difficult as my husband and I live in the suburbs but we feel lost in this life of mini vans, soccer practice and everything that comes along with the suburbs. Since we do not have any children YET, where do we fit into the suburban mix?

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I'm married with a newborn living in the suburbs and finally feeling like I fit in.


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