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Nothing is more frustrating than having someone talk to you about a topic you know nothing about. This happened to me this weekend, my car had to go to the dealership to have some routine maintenance done or so I thought. When I get the phone call that my usual oil change, tire rotation and winterizing is not enough I freeze Mr. SS usually deals with the cars. The man proceeds to tell me my struts need replaced (who knew I had these), a valve is loose and needs to be repaired, and something is leaking. All I hear is blah blah blah....After being very patient and hearing him out I say please just do the routine items and I will talk with my husband (who is out of town and this is why I have to deal with this mess, but that is beside the point) be there to pick up my car.

In the mean time I call a friend of a friend who is a mechanic and recite the whole conversation to him. He puts all my worries to rest and tells me to ask some specific question with my trusty notebook in hand I call the dealership. Wouldn't you know it the man tells me I should come in so he can "show" me what he is talking about rather than tell me over the phone. Like I know what I'm going to be looking at anyway.
Lesson learned once I arrived at the dealership and proceeded to ask all the questions I had written down I walked away with my routine items only. I understand the economy is tough and everyone needs to make money but should you take advantage of people for your benefit.

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Kristy said...

No you shouldn't take advantage of people..that's just wrong...I hate when people start talking about something I no nothing about too..it's like they are speaking a foreign language to me...It's good you had a friend to talk to you about that topic though!

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