Junior League Cookbooks?

So I have read several bloggers mention recipes that they have gotten out of a Junior League cookbook. So to all you JL members what is your favorite cookbook title/where do I buy it/favorite recipe?


Real Simple

This is my favorite magazine and has been for the past few years. I look forward to getting my monthly Real Simple. Lots of ideas from organizing (which I love), recipes, new uses for simple things you have around the house.
CD cases I have lots of these neatly organized in baskets. But this is a great idea.

One of my most favorite piece of advice from Real Simple:

How Do You Deal With ‘Shirt Gap’?
You know what I'm talking about (especially the busty ladies). You buy a button down top and it fits everywhere, but pulls at the bust. Frustrating.....not anymore


Real Housewives of Orange County/NYC

*Disclaimer I am not a judgmental person at all everyone should live their lives as the want. Some things I just struggle to understand...Since all these ladies put their lives on national T.V. and act like they do they probably expect a lot of opinions.

Yes, I am a bit behind but I had to finish watching The Real Housewives of Orange County before I could move onto the new season in NYC. To wrap up the OC season I was so sad to see how the ladies behaved on the season finale (exception Jeana & Gretchen). They are so snide to each other behind their backs but so nice to their faces. Ex: Gretchen tries to be nice and give all the ladies a little present and Vicki acts like a complete B****. Vicki states Jeana and I didn't get the email saying bring gifts. Take it as a sweet gesture ladies and maybe you can learn a little something. 2nd Ex: Jeff gives Gretchen a red Harley and Vicki won't even go up and see it instead talks trash about Gretchen wanting attention, all the mean while Vicki is putting her new Rolex in everyone's face. Who doesn't like a little attention, but please. I've always liked Vicki's determination to be successful in her business and raising her kids but she went a little over board this season.
Now onto Tamra, I'm sorry but I really can't stand her and the balloons on her chest. She is so rough around the edges and stands out on the show as the one who tries so hard because she doesn't belong. The competition she creates with Gretchen is comical. Yes, you are older, have more wrinkles, carried four children and Gretchen is 10 years younger and beautiful. Be grateful for your four beautiful children and your loving husband instead of worrying about the blonde who is younger.

picture courtesy of: www.realitytvmagazine.com/

Switching to NYC....These ladies are really funny to me. One question what is up with Alex and Simon? They are two individuals that I just do not understand. The act as if they are living the high life with wealth, designer clothes, wanting their bilingual children attend elite private schools. Their home is in shambles and I don't understand this how you want your children to live day in day out in house like that but you justify spending thousands of dollars on clothing. I only say this because I never went a day needing something but not being able to have it because my Mom needed a multi thousand dollar dress.

Between the two casts I think the OC ladies are more fake in how they present themselves physically. No judgment at all on plastic surgery from me, one day I maybe the one turning to botox or another procedure. But the OC ladies seem to really be themselves on camera and viewers get a glimpse of their lives and personalities. The same is not true for NYC these ladies are fake all around. I find it hard to believe they are not putting on a show when the cameras start rolling to tape. These are Just my opinions.

So which housewife are you: http://www.bravotv.com/the-real-housewives-of-orange-county/games/real-housewives-oc-season-4-personality-quiz

I'm Gretchen or so the quiz says. I will say I'm very loyal to my husband and enjoy being a caregiver. Taking care of my friends and loved ones is something I very much enjoy. From the show it seems that Gretchen also likes to have fun with her girlfriends and a few cocktails. Guilty as charged. Lastly she said she wants to be a Mommy one day and I too have this dream. Hopefully sooner than later is my dream.

Where is J. Crew??? Not near me

J. Crew J. Crew oh where are you? Not at any of my local T.J. Maxx stores. Guess it's not meant to be me finding summer dresses and a pair or three shoes. Ugh, yes I'm jealous of all you lucky bloggers who have been finding great J. Crew items. Wondering if only specific regions of the country where stocked and not others.


Cupcake Love

On Saturday afternoon of my Valentine surprises was two cupcakes from Starbucks and a latte to compliment. We only sampled each of the cupcakes to taste them and I do have to say both the Double Chocolate and the Vanilla Bean. I was very surprised that they were as yummy as they were.

Sprinkles is still my favorite but if the urge arises while I am grabbing my latte now I have a place to get both.


Shopaholics are you ready??

I am sooooo excited to see this movie and hoping that Mr. SS will be a sweet Valentine and go with me tomorrow.

This series of books was a favorite of mine and wish there was a new one. While reading of Becky's funny shopping adventures I would think to myself great idea.

ie: Having a credit card hidden in a secret place that is hard to access but you know its there if you really need it. If my memory is correct she had it hidden in a makeup compact so it was always close but she had to break it open to have access. Makes you probably really think about that purchase is it a want or a need.

Anyway have a great weekend and can't wait to see if anyone goes to see the movie and what their thoughts.



Thanks for the Valentine Day suggestions! I think we are going to cook dinner together and stay in for the night. Actually looking forward to a relaxing evening.

Beauty tips for life

I read this and could not help but want to pass it along.

Beauty tips for all walks of life
For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
For beautiful hair, let a child run his/her fingers
through it once a day. For poise, walk with the
knowledge that you never walk alone.
As you grow older, you will discover that you
have two hands, one for helping yourself,
and the other for helping others.


Letter Game

I signed up over at: All things Fluffy...Fashionable...& Famous

So, here's the deal: If you want to play, leave a comment on this post letting me know, and I'll assign you a letter. You post ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on. I got the letter M, here are my ten things:

1. Makeup

2. Manicure

3. Mocha

4. Mountains

5. Mom

6. Mac & Cheese

7. Magazines

8. Music

9. Madras

10. Movies


My new motivation for the summer months approaching which include bikini time.
This photo is now hanging below my T.V. so I have to stare at it the entire time I'm on my treadmill. Not that I want to be her (would it be so bad) just a visual to keep me focused on the task at hand.

Note: These pictures rotate. When I see something new to put a fire under my behind up it goes. These pictures keep me going when I'm getting tired and think I just can't run/walk anymore there it is like a ray of light saying keep going you can do it.

What keeps you motivated or inspires you when you are struggling through a workout?

V Day

Valentine's Day is approaching very quickly and I love everything about this holiday. The pink and red decorations in all the stores, aisles decorated with pink and red candy. Being able to be so in love with Mr.SS. One exception this year we have not made any Valentines plans. This is the first year since Mr. SS and I have been together that we haven't made any plans at all. Now time is wasting away and I'm sure all the good restaurants are booked with reservations. Maybe we will cook dinner together at home.
What are you doing with your Valentine to celebrate this year?

Does anyone have any good ideas/like to share a recipe.

Hope you all have been more productive in getting ready to celebrate the day of love.....

Also if you are interested in the history of Valentine's Day click here


Are you the exception or the rule?

So I didn't watch the Grammy's last night instead I went with a girlfriend two see "He's just not that into you." Wish I would have watched the Grammy's instead. Two married ladies sitting in the theater watching this movie and the whole time I wanted to cringe. How these women act or I should say obsess over their interactions with men. One of my best friends does this crap all the time and I'm always saying stop it if he likes you he will call until then stop OBSESSING over every detail. I try to be a good friend but these conversations can go on for hours on the phone. In the end she does what she thinks is right just like Gennifer Goodwin's character. Dating Mr. SS was just very natural if I wanted to call him I did no questions asked. Granted that was over 5 years ago so now that I'm older maybe we get a little more desperate.

Click here to see Top 10 Chick Flick Cliches not found in the movie..Which one is your favorite?

Maybe all women should just ask themselves the question:
" are you the exception.... or the rule?
So tell me when you started dating your hubby or boyfriend which were you?
I was the exception I guess like I mentioned everything was natural. We both liked each other so we didn't play games. Our dating was a amazing experience. Letters waiting for me on my apt. doorstep, flowers, cooking dinner together, walks every evening after work. Just the way I would have written my love story. To all the ladies who haven't been the exception it will come and when it does you will know immediately I promise.
Looking back I had a lot of being the rule, but I guess I always knew it at the time and was just going along with the flow having fun.

More to come on Grammy Fashion later this evening.

If I haven't professed my love of John Mayer I will now. His songs make me weak in the knees and when he has his hair short he is very handsome as well. Last night he seemed a little off.
1. What are you wearing? Where is Jen to assist with your fashion choices....

2. Why are you being strange when asked a question?

"Ninety-nine percent of my life is still completely common. I do have a golden helicopter. I fly it to Malibu. But other than that, I consider myself like everyone else."
~John Mayer, talking with Ryan Seacrest on how he relates to "regular people"

(quote & photo courtesy of People.com)


Carrie Bradshaw Replaced?

Photo courtesy of dresslikestarz

Page Six has asked the question:
Is Whitney Port the New Carrie Bradshaw?
I think NOT.....

Whitney Port has left The Hills of L.A. for The City-her very own NYC reality show. But in her search for love, success and fame, can this bubbly blonde TV star be the next Carrie Bradshaw?

My answer is No Way these are big Manolo's to fill. How can anyone replace Carrie Bradshaw? The girl we all grew to love and couldn't wait to see what she would wear on the next episode. She gave us our love of Manolo Blahniks, Cosmos, the freedom to discuss guys & sex more openly with our girlfriends. To be fair I don't even know who Whitney Port is so I did a little investigating. Yes, I admit it I have never seen a episode of the Hills or Laguna Beach.

So who is Whitney: Recently graduated from from the University of Southern California with a degree in gender studies (I'm not sure what gender studies means).
Always loving fashion (a girl after my own heart) and wanting to work in the fashion industry
(I miss these days too) she interned at woman's wear daily. Teen Vogue needed interns she fit the bill and started there. Everything just fell into place for her after that. MTV calling wanting her to be on The Hills. Now she has started a new life living in NYC and working at DVF. Also she has her own fashion line Whitney Eve . Wow!! So obviously I've been living under a suburban rock, not really. Are these new documentary/reality (not being serious) shows for the younger 20 somethings?

Do you think Carrie can be replaced? I still think No and to prove my point who could wear these outfits or start fashion trends and look so good.
photos courtsey of HBO
Layering as many pearls as your neck can handle

The Carrie necklace

The big flowers

Photo courtesy of ShinyStyle

As we drive along this road called life, occasionally a gall will find herself a little lost. And when that happens, I guess she has to let go of the coulda, shoulda, woulda, buckle up and just keep going.~ Carrie Bradshaw (goes along with my motto for 2009)


Give a girl a break

I know this has been posted on a couple of other blogs, but I just feel like I need to defend Jessica Simpson. Over the past week photos of her in those famous high waisted jeans have been everywhere. Even Fox News mentioned this story, give me a break. Come on people don't we have other things to be worried about than if a woman has gained a little weight? I bet she still looks great in person. We have all had times in our lives when we have added on a few pounds and I just can't imagine having every magazine discussing it. I admit I love to read the trash magazines as much as the next person, but when is enough enough. She told fans she was having a tough week.http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20257460,00.html

Plus I know all us ladies have worn a outfit and thought I'm looking hot tonight and then we see a picture and think what was I wearing/thinking. Now I do give credit where credit is due this is not a good look on her, but we have all made the same mistakes or at least I have.
Let's support our fellow females instead of cutting them down.

So I thought I would post some great photos of Jessica. She has my dream hair that is for sure!

Photos courtesy of People.com


Current Obsessions

Here are a few things I have a obsession with:

My blackberry. How did I ever live without this before?


The following 3 shows have nothing in common and I guess show my varied taste.

Big Love, yes it is twisted but I love watching it.

John & Kate Plus 8 I can't get enough of this family. I want them to be my neighbors. Hannah is one of my favorites.

United States of Tara: This show is so crazy I just don't know how a husband and kids can be so normal with their Mom turning into 3 different characters.

Neutrogena body oil turns my dry alligator skin into baby soft skin

Lounge Pants I can't wait to get home at the end of the day and put them on immediately.

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