A Few Favorite Things

With spring on her way (fingers crossed) I thought I would share a couple of my favorite things right now.

Keeping my feet dry from the rain I mean snow.

True sign of spring

Loving so many pieces from LEC. So happy all my baby weight is gone.

Keeps my dark circles under my eyes hidden. Love this miracle hero.

Amazing! Having color on my lips and still being able to kiss on my little ones chubby cheeks without leaving my kisses.

Middle of the night diaper changes so much easier. Anyone know a brand that makes gowns beyond 3 month size?

 It's nice to have something cute thrown over your shoulder.

Moby wrap. The only way I get anything done.


Miss M! said...

I bought some gowns from Kate Quinn Organics that I never used because I decided I didn't like the gowns after all. They still have the tags. I need to list them on eBay because they're actually REALLY nice.

LSU Melanie said...

I just can't live without my "girlie" hazelnut coffee either:)..and i need to try that dark circle stuff...i need all the help i can get:) HA!

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