Timing is everything

Timing really is everything isn't it? Take today I'm having a stressful work day and just want a french vanilla coffee from Dunkin Donuts. I get to the drive thru and place my order and the girl tells me "we just ran out." How do you run out of coffee?? I did end up with Hazelnut and it was very yummy and gave me the extra jolt of caffeine I needed.

Next I call to see if I can get a manicure and the receptionist tells me "Oh if you would have only called a few minutes earlier she is all booked up" ugh. Then to end my day I get home from work change into my workout clothes go to the gym have a awesome workout with my trainer (great 30th bday gift to myself will post about that another time). Get home and get sucker punched with my sweet adorable neighbor little girl selling me Girl Scout cookies. She reminds me of myself going straight for the sell but at the same time pulling at my heartstrings by telling me how she can sell early to me since I'm a family friend and actual selling doesn't begin until Saturday (she gives me her big smile and I just love her blond pigtails). What she doesn't know is that she already has me because I can never say no to any child to has the tenacity to go out and sell something. I feel if you are financially able to buy from someones child then in the future someone will do the same for your child, hubby just says I'm a tenderheart. She had Perfect timing tonight knocking on my door when I'm feeling great after sweating and burning calories for a solid hour. Of course I need a couple boxes of Thin mints and hubby needs some Tagalongs.

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Chelsea C. said...

Oh I've definitely had one of those days. Makes you just want to eat the whole box of thin mints. :)

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