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Have you been thinking a dog/cat would complete your family? If so tomorrow could be your lucky day. Tomorrow is Change a Pet's Life Day just by clicking on the link you can select your state and find shelters that are participating. A huge perk besides rescuing a adorable furry future best friend the first ten adoptions at a shelter are free. Also you will leave with a starter kit including food and tips to make your new friend feel welcome in their new home.

Side note if a rescue dog/cat is not the best option for you and your family I plead with you to not buy from any pet stores instead look for a reputable breeder. You can locate reputable breeders by going to the AKC.org and searching my your state.

Being a pet owner myself I can't say enough about my little dog. She always shows me unconditional love. When I leave and return home even if I have only been gone 5 minutes or a couple days the excitement she has when I walk in the door is the best.


Liana said...

i wish i could have a pet SO bad but i have my apt and go to class all day so it would be mean! such a good idea though, we've always adopted pets from shelters--plus its great if they give you a starter kit!

i Do {blog!} said...

it definitely is a joy to be a pet owner! I hope there are lots of people who are adopting today... thanks for sharing this (it makes me want to go out and adopt another pup!)

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