Cripsy Bacon & Longevity

When I read this I thought you have got to be kidding me, bacon being linked with longevity. A little background is needed here bacon is not something I like or can even stand the smell of. These lips haven't had a piece of bacon touch them in over 15 years. Blame it on my nutritional class (Mr. SS does) and the information that was provided to me: bacon does not fit into any food groups other than fat. Now I know many other foods belong in the ugly fat group as well. Especially the sweets that call my name as I walk past a local bakery. But I have great will power to block their sweet voices out of my head and continue on my way.
Bacon on the other hand is just gross!

World's Oldest Woman Credits Longevity to Crispy Bacon

Medical science and conventional wisdom tells us that the path to a long and healthy life is paved with lean protein, whole grains and leafy green vegetables. However, the life and habits of Gertrude Baines, currently the world's oldest person at age 114, is proof that sometimes a little bacon is better.

Will you be included a little more bacon in your diet to help you live to be 114? I'm sticking with the lean protein and leafy greens...


Mojito Maven said...

YAYAY for swimmers...

oddly enough I was a 100 breastroker, but yet I made Senior Nationals (the qualifying meet before the olympic trials) in the 200 breast which makes no sense to me. I also swam the 200 and 400 IM (occasionally the 100 fly). YAYAY. I miss it so much!

Brittney said...

left you something on my blog!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

I admit I love bacon! Just the smell gets me going...

Pink Maple said...

Wow, 114 - that is unbelievable!

You would think to live to that age that you'd have to be a perfectly healthy eater!

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