Hospital Attire

Question for all the Mom's out there....when you had your baby what did you wear in the hospital? I'm getting mixed advice from some of my friends. Some say nightgowns are the way to go due to ease of nursing and you can pull it up while you are laying in bed. Others say they didn't wear PJ's while they were there but more lounge clothes.

I'm usually not a nightgown kind of a girl, personally I get too tangled up in them while I'm sleeping.

Thoughts much appreciate.....oh and while you are sharing any must haves that I should have in my hospital bag?


Southern Savvy said...

I took two sleeveless nightgowns (it was summer). I don't know what I'm taking this time. I need to hurry up and decide! I'm more comfortable in lounge type of pants but not to get gross but a nightgown is probably more practical for after birth. Diaper bag must haves - I'd say don't forget the pacifiers in case you give birth to a "screamer". I know this from personal experience! My daughter stayed awake and cried ALL night long after she was born and I just couldn't figure it out. She didn't want to eat either. I finally remembered that I had packed pacifiers and it worked! Wish I would have thought of it earlier. Oh well. Lesson learned! Oh, and bring some chapstick for yourself.

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

Love your blog! I took a few little cotton night gowns that were comfy and then some lounge clothes like a juicy track suit for when people came to see baby!

Kristin said...

I wore capri pajama pants and a tank. I was perfectly comfortable!

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