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I'm on the countdown now and everything is in place, just waiting. The one thing I haven't gotten yet is a baby book. To be honest I haven't really looked that hard because I do not like all the Disney cartoon books or any other type of characters. I'm looking for a book that is more contemporary/modern with design. Many friends have informed me baby books have changed a lot over the years. Side note I'm not going to be scrapbooking with all the little add ons and different papers. Some of the books are already assembled just add photos, this is right up my alley.

So any suggestions on what baby books you have used for your little ones?


Annabel Manners said...

Good question! These are kind of cute...


I definitely understand not wanting a cheesy one - you're going to have this thing forever. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about digital scrapbooking? Check out www.publishyourhistory.com and see if there are any templates in the template gallery that you like! You can simply upload your photos and put them into the template, type what you would like to about the picture and then when your book is done, get it printed and sent to you! I have four little ones and this is how I do all my scrapping now.


Solar Powered said...

first time to your blog, not sure if you are still checking in. I got my babybook here:


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