Baby Planner, Would you use one?

Have you heard of Baby Planners? If you are like me the answer is NO. I understand there is a lot to plan, buy, and put together before your little one arrives, but needing a baby planner.
So I was a little skeptical until I started thinking about how it is difficult to decide which nursery furniture, car seat, stroller, high chair, bouncy seat, swing, baby tub, monitor, breast pump, diaper bag, and bedding is best. Friends, family, and bloggers are always great resources for advice on what worked best for their baby. Some may even go to Consumer Reports to get the professionals advice.

So now we have the job of a baby planner....NBPA (National Baby Planner Association)

I would have probably looked at their advice earlier, a little too late now. For any newly pregnant Mommies you may want to check them out.

All images courtesy of buybuybaby.com

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christi said...

never heard of a baby planner ... sort of like a wedding planner i guess! off to explore your blog.

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