Spring Purchases

As the weather starts to finally warm up and the flowers are starting to bloom I couldn't pass up a couple spring purchases.

This dress has been in my shopping bag for a little while now and decided I better go ahead and make the purchase or it may sell out. This will be perfect for one of the many bridal showers or baby showers that I'm attending in the next few months. Love this bright aqua color.

J. Crew

These shorts are so comfy, well at least they were when I tried them on in the fitting room. I will warn you they are very low fitting on the hips. Good thing most tanks and shirts are longer these days. No one needs to see a my HP's poking out!
If you like these shorts don't buy them online, but at your local GAP they are only $25.00 right now.


These Tory Burch thong sandals were too cute to pass up for summer. I do not own any of her Reva ballerina flats. Every time I try them on they hurt my feet, so I opted for the sandal.


These are the best tank tops ever. I have tried tanks from everywhere expensive ones to the Old Navy $4 ones. Out of all of them these are my go to anytime I need a tank. The are long enough to wear while layering but not too wide in the body. Throw them in the dryer and they will not shrink. If you love tank tops I promise you will want to stock up.


Joe's Jeans are always a favorite and I wanted to try a cropped pair as the months get warmer. The Socialite Kicker love the name.


Haven't purchased this perfume yet, but it smells great. I'm always searching for the one scent that is my signature perfume. Yet to find it, and know this probably isn't it either but I'm always looking. Do you have a signature scent, if so what is it?



Jeanie Gray said...

I LOVE that dress! & the shorts...& the sandals. & the tank. OK, so I just love it all! Great post!

EmilyB said...

What fun finds!! I love the dress, the shorts and the sandals especially. I've had that same dress in "shell" in my J.Crew "shopping cart" for weeks too.... If you get it, let me know how it fits!!

Chanel Fashionista said...

I love Joe's jeans too! they fit me perfectly! I want those cropped ones now!

Melissa said...

Very cute Spring finds!!

Princess Freckles said...

I like those sandals. I think I may check those out too!

Wearing Mascara said...

Oooo I haven't seen those Tory sandles until now! GORGEOUS! I must have them... hmmm

Also, just wanna let you know that my blog has switched to WordPress and for many people it's not showing up in their readers. Visit: wearingmascara.com to make sure it's showing up properly! (You may have to delete and then add it again). xoxo,


jlc said...

Loveeee Nordstrom's!

Christina said...

I have the J.Crew dress is navy and I love it! It's so classic and will definitely be in style for a long time.

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