Snakes on a Plane

Are you kidding me???? Snakes escaping on a plane, I thought this was a sick joke based off of the movie. No my blogger friends this really happened in Australia. For the full story click here.
Baby Pythons 4 (there were a total of 12) of them to be exact escaped!!! They were in the cargo area in a bag inside a plastic foam box with air holes. Are you freaking kidding me, I'm so scared of snakes that this really makes my skin crawl. They didn't find out they were missing until the plane landed and I'm sure whoever was there to collect them was freaking out when they all weren't accounted for. Even after a reptile expert (who would ever choose to do this is beyond me) searched the entire plane for the 6 inch nasty snakes, they were never found.
*Just to freak me out even more they can grow to be 3 feet long*

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Needs Help said...

Cute finds! I know you'll enjoy them all :)

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