As seen on T.V. products

Do you buy any of the As Seen on T.V. Products? I have purchased a couple of them....
If you are curious go visit As Seen on T.V. and you can check them all out.

Have you seen the Bumpit? A few months ago I was running on the treadmill and the mother who created these was on t.v. She showed how to use them on her daughter. They seemed easy enough, but I didn't order one. Now I'm rethinking my decision. A little omph on top would be nice especially when it's humid outside this summer. Has anyone tried them?

Here are a few of As Seen on T.V. products I have tried:

These really do work as far as providing water to your plants. Now the hard part is just remembering to add the water...hmmm I do place these really far down so you can't see them. I know half the fun with these is they are hand blown art for your plants.

These bags really do work. Now I haven't marked off days on the calendar to count how many additional days my produce stays fresh, but I can tell a difference for sure.

A friend of mine gave me a Snuggie for a gift, don't worry I got the free reading light too! I admit I think the Snuggie is a great idea, but the material is so scratchy and had so much static. My snuggie is RIP....

These are some of the products I've thought about buying but haven't:

I've thought about buying one of these to use on my Stylish puppy. When she gets groomed they used something like this on her nails and it makes them not sharp. Mommy loves this because when I pick her up I don't have scratch marks all over my chest and arms. Has anyone tried this?

Love the commercial for Mighty Putty when it is pulling a semi. I just haven't had a use for any yet, maybe one day.

Now I haven't tried these and probably never will since all the drama the spokesman has brought upon himself last week. But in the past I have thought about trying these out. They seem to soak up everything.

Now this is just ridiculous!! REALLY, time for a hair cut....

*Note I do not order items from on T.V. infomercials. All of these items were purchased at local stores. Walgreen's has a small section of these items.


Monogramchick said...

I'm with you, I want to try the Bump-its and the Sham-Wow too :)

QueenBeeSwain said...

okay- I kind of want the split ender- that would be awesome if it worked as well as it's supposed to!

omeone was at the store last night in one of those fleece blanket things. just wow!

and you need to enter my birthday giveaway bubble!


theluckiestmrs said...

This is hilarious!! Historically, I'm a sucker for these kinds of products...but I think I'm getting a little better at resisting! haha! ;)

I haven't personally tried the Pedi-Paws, but my MIL got one for their boxer puppy...and I don't think it worked as well as they had hoped! They said that it took a long time...longer than their little puppy would allow!! haha!

I'd definitely want the sham-wow!! The bump-it sort of scares me. ;)

Princess Freckles said...

I have a ShamWOW and its awesome.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I saw the Aqua Globes in Walgreen the other day. I almost bought them just because they're kind of pretty!

Miss E said...

I have been wanting to try the Bump-its. If you do, please let me know how they work!

La Petite Chic said...

I'm intrigued by the Bump-it too. You'll have to take pictures if you try it! :)

Team Clancy said...

I was not impressed with the Pedi Paws.


look at the reviews on HSN or QVC about bump-its, it is split 50 / 50 love / hate.People said you can see the teeth sticking out of your hair , I think you have to have thick hair The pedi paws does not work it is a round spinning thing inside covered with nail file material and you have hold you pets nail in a hole ans wait till it files down the nail we have 2 labs and got 2 toes done. Total RIP-OFF

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