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Have you seen the recent Anti-Smoking PSA? Well if you haven't click here. This PSA is causing a lot of controversy showing a toddler boy crying because he is lost. Showing several scenes and then ending with a voice saying "just imagine if they lost you for life."

This is a great PSA in my opinion! To be fair I should say I hate smoking and hate that smokers feel they should have a designated area to smoke it public places. How about go home and smoke in the privacy of your own home where you are the only one breathing the toxic air.

The worst for me is to pull up next to a car with a parent smoking and to see children in the back seat. I worry every time I see this that these poor children will get cancer at a lung age or who knows what other health issues will come up. If I could I would rescue all of you little ones so you can breath clean toxic free air. I do give the parents my disapproving looks and sometimes I turn into the vocal lady in saying "you choose to smoke, why make that decision for your children too"

Thank goodness the city I live in doesn't allow smoking in public areas at all. I can't even remember the last time I had to say can we be sitted in the non-smoking section since the entire restaurant is smoke free.

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