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Michelle Obama no I did not vote for your husband to be President of our great country and I am still scared what the future holds. On the non political side of things I love the way you have personally conducted yourself since you have become our First Lady. Your whole attitude radiates class, my family comes first, independence, and strength. I commend you for this and hope that you continue to be a woman that other women and young girls will look up to and strive to become. Not become the Presidents wife {great job yes I agree}, but to become a strong & independent woman. Having your girls make their beds every morning is probably very grounding to them, although they want someone else to do it.

Now your fashion choices have not disappointed either. Your dress and coat on inaugruation day were very classic, the J. Crew gloves added a touch of I'm a normal lady and you can afford these gloves as well. There has been a lot of talk over your arms being shown so much, girl you have great arms so show them as much as you want. To all the haters out there I think you are just jealous of her arms!! Leave her alone, spend time worrying about the economy not if she has sleeves on her dress.


Sweet Simplicity said...

Agreed! I love her style and I'm jealous of her arms! :)

Namine said...

good post! I love her fashion style!! I will have to find that vogue online so I can read her article!

Abbie said...

She does have some rockin arms! I never noticed until you mentioned it! Like you, I didn't vote for Obama, but I do think Michelle is the epitome of class and grace and I wish them the best of luck!

Miss E said...

So agreed...on ALL counts!

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