Housewives of New Jersey

Round 4 of the Housewives next stop New Jersey....Not sure how this season will turn out but turn in on May 12th. I didn't like Atlanta at all but love OC and NYC is growing on me. If you want to read more go to People.

This group is all close knit, sisters are even included. I will be looking forward to meeting Jaqueline, Teresa, Danielle, Dina, and Caroline.


Puttin' On The GRITS said...

Yikes. All I can think of is "My New Haircut" on youtube...I've never been to N.J. but I just imagine that everyone is like that.

Abbie said...

Oooh...this oughta be interesting!! I'm obsessed with these Real Housewive shows...it's a bit ridiculous!

Milltini said...

or lord help us.....i have a feeling the NJ crew is going to take things to a whole new level!

Princess Freckles said...

Haha! I can't wait!!!! I agree with G.R.I.T.S., My New Haircut has given NJ a bad name!

Jessica said...

I used to be such an OC fan, but I haven't watched in for.ever. And, NYC quickly grew on me as well!

I love crappy TV!

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