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I need advice from mom's who have had a baby that doesn't want to sleep. My little one was a great sleeper. Would go 4-5 hours at night. Then a switched flipped and will only sleep in my arms or if I am laying down next to him. When I place him in his crib eyes open wide followed by giggles (which are so sweet and make me laugh). We are not getting enough sleep at the SS house.

The past few nights he wakes up only a hour after he ate. From there it goes downhill. Then he ends up in bed with us. I know I know I said I wasn't going to be that mom who let's her baby sleep in bed. But otherwise I can't get any sleep.

So what have you done in the past that has made your little one sleep? Is this a phase or did I create this by loving to hold and cuddle with my baby.


ASC said...

Oh honey...I hear you! The thing that helped me the most with Caroline in regards to sleeping at night was allowing her to fall asleep on her own. It was difficult at first. We have the same bedtime routine every night- at 9pm we go into her room and I put on her pj's and clean diaper. I feed her a bottle in the rocking chair with the lights off. When she's done I put her in her halo sleep sack and sing her a song (Let it Be by the Beatles :) ) then I place her in her crib and walk out of the room. For the first few nights she cried when I did this. I would go back into her room after 5 minutes and soothe her (without picking her up) for about a minute. This sometimes took three tries before she fell asleep. Now she falls asleep on her own every night! Do you have a bedtime routine? Please email me with any questions !

Natalie said...

I would try to stick to a routine as best you can... good luck :)

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