Mommy Uniform while hibernating

With the weather being freezing cold, temps below zero with the wind chill we have been home for almost two weeks. My wardrobe has been all about comfort for both me and my little.

 Here are some of my staples for the past two weeks. These have been on constant rotation.

Merona long sleeve tee shirts. I have about five of these now. One of my Targets marked them down to $7 so I added a few more to my selection.

Lululemon pants...Need I say more, these are wonderful. My only complaint is they are sold out of the lined version of these and won't bring them back until next fall. I even called headquarters asking if ANY stores had them in stock. No luck they are gone. I also own  these and these.

My feet are always cold so I have plenty of these to keep me warm. The ones with grippers on the bottom are the best. Although watching mommy slide on the wood floors can be very entertaining to my little.

Hoping to be able to get back to wearing real clothes, but in the mean time I am enjoying being warm and comfy.


Valentine's Day treats

Having a little one inspires me in so many ways. Every holiday I want to embrace everything, decorate, take pictures, get a cute little outfit for my little. This year we are making Cupcakes in a Jar for all little's friends and of course their mommies.

photo courtesy of www.elizabethannedesigns.com

Of course we are making Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting. Now I just need to keep myself from having too many of these, yum.

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