Knock don't Ring-Please


A sign to let visitors, the UPS man (who we love he brings us packages we love), fed ex man that a sweet sleeping baby lives here now. Anyone else get their little one down for a nap and the doorbell rings. The ring also seems to be much louder, echos, and lasts forever.

How do you kindly let people know to please knock?


Classy Fab Sarah said...

When I nannied for twins, this was a constant problem (as they had two older brothers who had visitors CONSTANTLY).

So... me and the mom disconnected the doorbell - and then put a sign up that said "Bell broken, please knock."

And then the UPS man would pound on the door like the house was on fire.

*Sigh* there's just no winning :/

Charlotte said...

POST IT NOTE GIRL!!!!!!!!!! When I was home on maternity leave and we had flowers and packages arriving like crazy, I put a post it note above the door that said "SHH!!! Baby sleeping, please leave package and if signature necessary, please knock softly" It worked like a charm!! I got to know my UPS man very well!

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