Still around

I'm still around, just been taking it easy Dr.'s orders. Finally out of the 1st trimester now just wondering when the puking, tiredness will stop and burst of energy everyone talks about will kick in.....still waiting

Hope everyone's 4th was spent with family and friends enjoying good conversation, food and fireworks.

Any tips on where to find stylish maternity clothes? I don't need them yet, actually I'm not even showing but planning ahead in my book it always a good thing.



Blake's Momma said...

Thanks for your comment today! It looks like you're like me and have been a little MIA lately:). Congrats on the bebe in the belly. Stylish maternity clothes are so very expensive. Ann Taylor Loft online sale was my favorite if you haven't looked there yet. Glad your weather is beautiful!

suzannah said...

saw your comment over at kelly's corner on diaper bags and thought i'd offer my two cents...

i have a fleurville sling tote that i love. they're ridiculously expensive, but i got mine online somewhere for 50% off. i'm not usually one to splurge, but i figured i'd be carrying it for a long time and it might as well be cute!

they're definitely cute, with plenty of space for baby stuff and purse stuff, without being too bulky. plus they come with great rings that you can use to hang it from shopping carts or strollers.

hope you're feeling better. unisom helps me when i'm feeling nauseated. good luck!

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